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Adiskide Bat Nuen - Joxean Agirre Odriozola
Adiskide Bat Nuen

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Agirre’s novel weaves together a number of different threads, some of which are old favourites (almost obsessions, one might say) while others appear or are at least examined in more detail for the first time: the inner workings of a clandestine political group, recounted almost as a fantasy; doppelgangers who are almost identical, both in appearance and personality; desire and jealousy; admiration for a stranger, etc.

The novel is set in San Sebastián and Venice and is divided into a series of short chapters. The narrator and main character (a man) follows the thread of four or five different subplots at the same time, in the style that is so idiosyncratic of this particular author: masterful wordplays, an ironic tone that never fails to bring a smile to the reader’s lips and vivid and sensual eroticism.


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