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Ep 1 - Social Science (and) - Mas Savia - Aa. Vv.
Ep 1 - Social Science (and) - Mas Savia
  • ISBN: 978-84-17291-57-0
  • EAN: 9788417291570
  • Language: English
  • Edizio urtea: 2019
  • Format: RUSTIKA

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The MAS SAVIA Project for Social Science takes advantage of different tools and methodologies to motivate the learning, understanding and application of the contents. The contents of each learning block are organized into three learning moments : Let's Get Started, Let's Understand and Let's use . Inserted between these areMake a Change (service-learning activities with many opportunities to work using co-operative strategies) in which both communicative and cognitive skills are put into practice. Many of the Let's Get Started and Let's Use sections take the form of experimental workshops. This general philosophy of promoting active learning is manifest in the finalMaking a Change task which integrates knowledge, skills and multiple intelligences. Social Science takes the CLIL approach to making language and contents accessible with careful scaffolding of language and the visual summarizing of content. There are regular opportunities to review what has been learned. Attention to diversity is catered for by online testing which can give the teacher a clear and immediate evaluation of the class's performance by identifying students who may be having difficulties.


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