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katu jendea - Eider Rodriguez Martin
katu jendea

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Two lonely next door neighbours, a man and a woman, who are brought together by their cats; a nurse who reencounters a forgotten childhood friend as the result of losing a tooth; a Saharan child who comes to spend the summer among us and whose presence wreaks havoc in his host family; two friends on the road, engaging in carefree conversation; a couple of young girls playing at being rich Parisian ladies...

Through these seven stories, set here, in our modern world, Eider Rodriguez explores the unexpressed feelings and hidden weaknesses of men and women: the cracks and crannies of desire, the two faces of beauty, the thrall of money, budding sexuality and disappointed dreams. In the cloud-draped world of these stories, the pen becomes a scalpel and what is not said is often just as important as what is.

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