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Picasso And Minou - P. I. Maltbie / Pau Estrada (il. )
Picasso And Minou

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A fascinating introduction to the early career of Pablo Picasso, weaving a gentle fictional context for his evolution through the famous Blue and Rose periods. Estrada's illustrations complement the story beautifully, as the grays of Picasso's early poverty and depression give way to a brightly colored world of his artistic recognition as the father of Cubism. In the pages of the book there are the beggars, jugglers, scenes and animals that we also find on his paintings, caught at the moment of their intersection with the artist's eye... At the end, there are some real images of his artworks (with their titles and the museums where you could find them) as well as a list corresponding some of the drawings made by Pau Estrada that represent friends, family or influencing people of Picasso's life.


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