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Science At The Table - Fernando Sapiña Navarro
Science At The Table
  • ISBN: 978-84-9133-264-0
  • EAN: 9788491332640
  • Hizkuntza: Ingelesa
  • Edizio urtea: 2019
  • Formatua: RUSTIKA
  • Orri kopurua: 232
  • Neurria: 210x160

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Summary Science at the table, published within the popular science collection «Monografies Mètode», gathers 42 articles written by the chemist Fernando Sapiña (1964-2018) in the science communication journal Mètode of the University of Valencia, in a section of the same name. Between 2005 and 2017, the scientist, disseminator, and lecturer of the University of Valencia conducted this space for scientific cuisine where he brought the readers closer to the physical and chemical principles of ingredients and cooking processes, revealing a world of sensory perceptions related to the act of savouring food. This publication collects all these articles and presents them in a single volume so that they can be read as a whole, either approaching each article independently or discovering how they intertwine through aspects such as texture, colour, flavour, smell or the transformations of food, as well as discovering the diverse recipes proposed by the author. This book combines chemical talent and gastronomic taste with a series of informative texts plagued with literary references and everyday experiences and familiar anecdotes, through which we discover the human and the scientist that was Fernando Sapiña.


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