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elkar card
General conditions

What is the elkar card?
The elkar card is managed by the company Aduna 2021 S.A.U. as a system to reward customers for their loyalty. Participation and development are governed by the conditions detailed below. The members in the elkar card programme are the card Holders. Elkar card holders can access a broad range of products connected with the fields of culture and leisure as an added advantage given by the card. Additionally, they will be awarded points for every purchase at any bookshop in the elkar network, and offered exclusive promotions, direct discounts and special prices.

Participation in the elkar card Programme.
Registration for the elkar card programme is open to any private individual who has accepted the following General Conditions. If the person taking part was under 18 years of age, a legal representative should sign the registration form. The elkar card entitles the holder to take part in any of the activities and offers within the programme, following the conditions given in each case. In case of a lost card, the holder undertakes to inform the issuer in order to avoid dishonest use of the card and to arrange for a duplicate copy. The card has no expiry date.

Access to discounts and special promotions.
The holder will be awarded points for purchases made at any elkar group shop and according to the conditions applicable at the time. The points will be obtained at the moment the purchase is paid for, as the card is presented at any of the bookshops in the elkar network. Elkar card holders can benefit from both the direct discounts and the special prices advertised on our regular channels, purchasing the goods in the same way as for the awarding of points. Advantages provided through different campaigns cannot be cummulative. Under no circumstances can points be transferable or negotiable.

Advantages of the elkar card.
The holder can redeem at the elkar bookshop network the points rewarded by purchases made. 10 poins amount to a discount of 1?�. Card holders are granted a 5% direct discount on books (the maximum the law allows), except for textbooks which are exempted from these conditions. 10% off music in Basque, as well as benefitting from exclusive offers and special prices. Points awarded cannot be redeemed for cash, and redemption should therefore take place through a purchase where the value is at least equivalent in euros to the allotted points. The usual given periods will apply if goods were returned, which will be accepted never as a cash refund but as a voucher given totalling the amount to be returned and on presenting the receipt for the original purchase.

Communication channels.
The holder will regularly be forwarded a statement with the points allotted to his or her acccount, with details on the relevant purchases. Possible irregularities or errors on the statement you receive should be reported within a maximum period of 6 months calculated from the date when the statement was issued. Another regular channel is the elkar magazine, including news and special offers for members, which the holder can have forwarded to the given address; you can also get it free of charge at any of the shops in the elkar network or on www.elkar.eus. Information on cultural events scheduled by the company Aduna 2021 S.A.U. will be forwarded by email.

Information, updating data, claims and incidences.
The card holder will have information about points allotted over time on every receipt. Additional details can also be obtained on the following telephone number 902 198 707 (05 59 59 35 14 in the Northern Basque country - Iparralde) or by e-mail at txartela@elkar.eus. You can also identify yourself on the above phone number or e-mail if you wish to update your details, lodge a complaint or report an incidence.

Aduna 2021 S.A.U. reserves the right to change at any time the terms of these General Conditions or any norms governing the elkar card programme, safeguarding any rights the holder might have acquired up to that date. Should Aduna 2021 S.A.U. unilaterally decide to either partially of fully cancel the elkar card Programme, the holder can excercise the right to have the points redeemed within a maximum period of six months. Aduna 2021 S.A.U. will not be held responsible in the event of cancellation due to external causes or force majeure. These General Conditions will be governed by, comply with and implemented according to the laws and regulations in force. The parties relinquish any jurisdiction rights they might have in case of issues arising as to the interpretation and application of these General Conditions and hereby expressly agree to submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the courts of justice in San Sebastian.

Current conditions override any versions set previously.